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Originally Posted by The Madbacker View Post
Look at this situation:

You place a card on Ebay with a BIN w/ BO.

Your first offer is $30, your second offer is $80.

Are you telling me that, because the lower offer was first, you'll take that offer? G...T...F...O.

It's a lot of sour grapes because people don't have the cash to play on the field. Sorry about that (not really).
What an utterly useless analogy as it doesn't fit what happened. A better one would be if a seller had 12 of the same items with a BIN (with no best offer). The first person who only ordered 2 would not get his order because someone else came by later and offered to buy all 12 with a small discount. It would certainly be bad business to not honor the first sale just to appease the second.
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