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Originally Posted by The Madbacker View Post
Look at this situation:

You place a card on Ebay with a BIN w/ BO.

Your first offer is $30, your second offer is $80.

Are you telling me that, because the lower offer was first, you'll take that offer? G...T...F...O.

It's a lot of sour grapes because people don't have the cash to play on the field. Sorry about that (not really).
It's the harsh reality that even I had to accept. My range for a case was x, the prices of case were y. Y did not fall into x therefore I didn't buy a case. It sucks for me but that's life, I'll just stick to buying singles online or maybe sell some cards I have now to try and get a case at launch. I do agree that fulfilling orders in the order they were made is ethical business but I think we've seen that with this product, there are not a lot of places practicing ethical business (ahem Blowout).
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