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Originally Posted by webjon View Post
Not only active on FB, but selling! Our cards are too hard to ship, but apparently ones on FB are not. What do you have to say about that Jimmy/Charles?

Ohh, and by the way -- where is my refund?
Or my refund? Or anyone's? Considering we have names, it may be time to get criminal charges going. Everyone was promised refunds Tuesday of last week, yet nobody was reimbursed. This is blatant stealing. On top of everything he blocks anyone inquiring or asking him about it on Facebook. It may be time to contact Facebook admin too and give them a heads up on this fraudulent activity.

Charles/Jimmy. It's time to stop making up stories and get people the money they are owed. ASAP. No more stalling. You can clearly post, log in and you can refund. No more BS.
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