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Originally Posted by FreeFlow View Post
It said game was disconnected due to a network timeout..... It never said I was kicked for "grieving"? That's when you commit tons of penalty's on purpose.

The WHOLE game lagged extremely bad, I had 2 kickoffs where I kicked it like 10 yards.

I have never lagged that bad in any game and the network timeout was %100 not on purpose, That's my first disconnected game in ANY game in ranked, connected career online leagues and ultimate team.....

Edit: Besides the first 3 days of release when the EA servers we're dcing everyone, I have not been dc'ed from any game.... Not sure what we can do here but I dont think it would say I was disconnected for grieving because that would give you the win automatically.
his connection (tommy) wasn't horrible but the lag was there when I played him as well
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