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Originally Posted by FreeFlow View Post
Lag was %100 better that game.....

Can't blame all of those INT's in the 2nd half on the lag this time, lol

But I will blame the 31-3 loss on your great D , Those two 1st and goal's on the 1 yard line being stuffed 4 downs really turned the whole game around, it was what, 3-0 close to halftime when that happened?

Either way, great game by you, especially your defense, I have to work on my goal line plays with the bills ASAP
Yeah, I am not sure what happened in that first game but I do agree that the lag was BAD. Glad we could get the game in.

I couldn't do anything passing wise. Whatever plays you were calling were just killing Alex Smith because nobody could get open (except for a heavy case of VD).

Good game, man!
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