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Default 2012 Topps Prime Football (1) 12-Box Case Break --- HIT DRAFT

We are LIVE!!! Order # 183080

Day 2 Draft opens at 12 Noon MST and we will close the draft at 10 pm MST if we are not done yet. Thanks!

Youtube Videos:

2012 Topps Prime 6-Box Inner Case Break Hit Draft Boxes 1-2 - YouTube
2012 Topps Prime 6-Box Inner Case Break Hit Draft Boxes 3-4 - YouTube
2012 Topps Prime 6-Box Inner Case Break Hit Draft Boxes 5-6 - YouTube

---- OFFICIAL DRAFT ORDER ---- All trades/sales must be confirmed by both parties for it to be official. Thanks!

* = Sent PM with rankings

1) JPR248 ---- Ryan Broyles Quad Relic (2 jerseys / 2 football pieces) RC Auto 40/50
2) bluespidey81 ---- Brock Osweiler RC Auto 9/25
3) Oogie ---- Trent Richardson / Mark Ingram / C.J. Spiller Triple Jerseys 15/25
4) Gohansmy ---- Base 3
5) Astronix ---- Andrew Luck / Coby Fleener Dual Jerseys 107/405
6) Pengages ---- Dre Kirkpatrick RC Auto 17/50
7) Clippins ---- Ryan Broyles 4-Color Patch 14/25
8) tsettle34 ---- Chris Givens Quad Jersey RC Auto 426/780
9) CUB ---- Ryan Broyles RC Auto 48/75
10) biged_0 ---- Dre Kirkpatrick RC Auto 25/99
11) Gohansmy ---- Trent Richardson / Brandon Weeden Dual Jerseys 88/405
12) realshemp ---- Trent Richardson / Mark Ingram / C.J. Spiller / Knowshon Moreno Quad Jerseys 51/610
13) milk22 ---- T.Y. Hilton Quad Jersey RC Auto 101/700
14) bhavr ---- Chris Rainey Quad Relic RC Auto /??? EXCH
15) Realshemp ---- Base 6
16) tsettle34 ---- Nick Toon Quad Jersey RC Auto 572/780
17) Clippins ---- Micahel Floyd Quad Jerseys 87/146
18) Oogie ---- Robert Turbin Jersey 249/266
19) JPR248 ---- DeVier Posey Quad Jersey RC Auto 107/780
20) Clippins ---- Michael Floyd Triple Jerseys 31/194
21) Pengages ---- Isaiah Pead RC Auto 11/260
22) hard2guardtoo ---- Joe Adams RC Auto /??? EXCH
23) myphillies05 ---- Kendall Wright / Stephen Hill / Rueben Randle Triple Jerseys 297/559
24) biged_0 ---- Dwayne Allen Dual Jerseys 222/235
25) jsrb14 ---- Joe Adams Jersey 42/266
26) realshemp ---- Base 2
27) CUB ---- Base 5
28) Clippins ---- Isaiah Pead Dual Jerseys 209/235
29) jeremyhli ---- Base 4
30) realshemp ---- Base 1


6 boxes per case / 10 packs per box / 6 cards per pack

30 total slots / hits to be drafted (24 total hits in auto’s/relics & 6 total base card slots)

Base card slots will be broken down by the box. Box 1 base cards will be base slot #1, box 2 base cards will be base slot #2, box 3 base cards will be base slot #3, etc…

All base parallels including 1/1 parallel cards and printing plate 1/1’s will be considered as part of the base slot box that they come out of. A “hit” card is considered as a card with an autograph or memorabilia attached to it; otherwise, all other cards will be considered as a part of their base slot box.

In in the event of extra/remaining hits, a snake draft will be used to determine who gets the extra/remaining cards that were not drafted. Ex. The 30th overall pick will have the 31st overall pick. 29th pick will have the 32th pick and so on…

A random will be used to determine the draft order that will take place after all slots have been filled and paid for. A mod will be requested to random the list of participants 3x.

After case is opened all hits will be scanned and uploaded for participants to see and ready to draft. See below for more information on the draft.

Case will be opened live on blogtv and recorded for viewers to see!

ZERO TOLERANCE for disrespecting or rudeness. Please exercise good communication with one another or action will be taken.

---- THE DRAFT ----

Mod will random the list of all 84 participants to determine draft slot positions.
Participant with first overall pick in the draft will pick first, then second participant, and so on until the last participant selects his hit.

Official start time of the draft will take place the following day of the break at 11 am mst (10 am pst, 12 pm cst, 1 pm est). Simply put, if the break takes place Wednesday, then the draft starts the next day, Thursday, at its set time.

Each pick will have a 1-hr window to draft the card they want BUT I will allow for 15 minutes for notification to pass before the 1-hr window begins. If a pick is on the clock and does not select his hit between the 1-hr window frames, then I will automatically pick for him. I will have a pre-ranked list of the hits starting from the most valuable to the least. This will all be done on my estimated value of each card. Please send me a pm of the pre-ranked cards you want if you are unable to draft or do not want to risk me auto-picking your cards for you from the pre-ranked list! I will not be at fault for choosing a card for you if you do not select within your 1-hr time frame. Your draft window starts when the person with the previous makes his selection, not when you are pm-ed. Towards the evening, if a pick has not been made yet before draft day closes, there will be a carry-over to the next day and the time will start off where it left off the night before. Please clearly list the card or base/inserts that you want to draft.

THE BEST WAY TO KEEP UPDATED WITH THE DRAFT OR THIS THREAD IS TO SUBSCRIBE TO IT AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. Otherwise, I am not responsible for you missing your pick and me selecting your hit.


I will ship to addresses provided by you through your papal payment. Otherwise, please let me know ASAP if you have another address you want your cards sent to.

Shipping insurance is optional, but recommended for those who have high draft picks or cards deemed to have high value. The price of shipping insurance is depended on how much you want insured. I’ll make calculations through and let you know how much it will be. Please let me know if you want insurance included within your S/H.

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