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Originally Posted by Bryanjs14 View Post
I have plenty of money "bro" but the difference between me and you is I don't throw it around on a forum and try to act like I am better than anyone else because of it, because you know what? I'm NOT better than anyone else. I was blessed with a lucky job and a great family, but it doesn't make me ANY better. I'm buying a single case of this stuff, I got my case for the same price I paid for season 1, which is less than $750. I'm not trying to buy this stuff up or even get a couple boxes at a decent price like everyone else on here, so your go pay the inflated price argument doesn't apply to me, I was simply observing that you came off as one of the most massive douchebag sounding human beings I have ever come across. But hey, you hide behind that keyboard with all that self entitlement crap all you want, that's what these forums are for I guess, insulting people who don't have as great a life as you.

Also "bro" glad to hear you have two houses and a great wife, with that attitude you'll need two houses when she leaves you and gets one once she realizes the type of person she married. And if god forbid you have kids make sure to show them this thread and let them know just how awesome their daddy is so they can grow up and be just like you
U mad bro?
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