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Good to hear from them icancu.

I guess Cryptozoic has stopped listing their signers as they got them back. If there are only a couple signers that have yet to return their cards, assuming there are 16-18 signers we are missing quite a few since Sarah Wayne Callies.

A01 - Andrew Lincon
A02 - Jon Bernthal
A03 - Jeffrey DeMunn
A04 -
A05 - Norman Reedus
A06 - Melissa McBride
A07 - Madison Lintz
A08 -
A09 -
A10 - Scott Wilson
A11 - IronE Singleton
A12 -
A13 -
A14 - Sarah Wayne Callies

Possible A15-A18 but Sarah Wayne Callies (A14) is the highest card known to date. S1 had 9 signers with 1 signer not returning leaving 16 autograph cards instead of 18. I believe Cryptozoic goes with the A1-A16 theme with 16 total signers. I wonder if it was Andrea (Laurie Holden) who signed A3 & A4 from S1 who didn't return her cards then has yet again not returned her cards for S2?

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