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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
good, as long as you are not a troll you have some hope, so let me tell you that no way do MA cases drop to 200 per. not even close. yes the non-dealers who had some coin panicked and sold the green and other sets too low, but the sketches and plates are strong and i expect the silvers and golds to bounce back once the initial non-experienced breakers are done dumping their product in a panic to get some money back.

i will also add that two distributors are sold out that i know of, and i expect the wax to hold its value in the short-run before climbing in the long run.

finally, don't give up on the 3D cards - those will take some time but years from now even they will be bringing some decent money.
I agree with almost everything you stated, but I disagree with the sketch cards comment...look on ebay for the insanely low pricing of some of the sketches. yes, the 3D cards are sleepers. Down the road, they will prove their value as they are fantastic...What 2 distributors are sold out? I know of one dealer that bought all of the remaining cases directly from Topps...of course he would not give the quantity.
I would like to know how many cases were manufactured? any idea?
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