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Originally Posted by icancu202 View Post
Blowout is really sketchy...They apparently had allocations all along and basically "lied" to anyone who e-mailed them. These cards were supposed to go up for sale for an undisclosed price well over a week ago, as I was told...yet where are they after all of this time? And lastly, when I questioned if they would sell me a case, they responded with "just boxes now", yet they offer that case elsewhere. How do they truthfully expect us to react when they do things like this. I know most of this was already brought up but I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in. Plus, I feel as though most of us have moved on and purchased boxes and even cases, elsewhere. Blowout certainly made a bad business decision by losing a few potential customers that they once had. Shame.
Pretty much what it looked like they were doing all along but some people wanted to defend them/believe they would do the right thing (because these are their boards?). Dave and Adam's look like angels right now for at least offering a decent amount for pre-sale at a good price (you can be sure they are holding the rest back for the price surge, but again, at least they made SOME available to us).
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