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Originally Posted by t2554 View Post
Pretty much what it looked like they were doing all along but some people wanted to defend them/believe they would do the right thing (because these are their boards?). Dave and Adam's look like angels right now for at least offering a decent amount for pre-sale at a good price (you can be sure they are holding the rest back for the price surge, but again, at least they made SOME available to us).
I'm in this boat. I thought they would put up pricing that was in line with Big Bang Theory 3&4 with cases around $850-$900. Not only did they prove me wrong on the prices but they went as far to outright lie to customers saying they had not got their numbers in. Maybe I'm wrong but with each passing day that they do not put up a presale just leads me to believe they are holding back for the eventual surge that will probably happen. I'm going to take a lesson from many of the people on the boards here and just go after singles unless a great price presents itself and I can get in on some boxes or a case.
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