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Default Key Issue Help

So, since I've gotten back into collecting comics, I'm really trying to re-educate myself on nice "key" books to get as my budget allows me to. So I have a question for all of the comic gurus here...where can I find a list of key Marvel/DC super-hero issues or can someone just give me some they think would be nice pick-ups? I'm looking for Bronze-Modern Age that won't cost me an arm and a leg to pick up. I found another forum and came up with the small list below, but I would really like some more input if you can offer any.

New Mutants #98 (1st Deadpool)
Amazing Spider-Man #252 (1st Black Costume in ASM)
Uncanny X-Men #266 (1st Gambit)
Secret Wars #8 (1st Black Costume)
XFactor #24 (1st Archangel)
Superman #75 (Death of Superman)
Captain America #25 (Death of Caps)
Batman: The Killing Joke (I already have a copy of this coming in)
Batman #497 (Bane breaking Batman's back) (I already have a copy of this one)
Infinity Gauntlet series (already have a couple copies of #1 plus a full run)

Also, if you can give a reason why it would be a key issue, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks everyone!!!
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