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This is a prime example of why I tend to stay away from GU cards. The Basketball Hall of Fame, Upper Deck, and a handful of various auction houses and game-worn collectors have claimed to have the game-worn MJ '96 All-Star jersey over the years.

Earlier this year, when Mitchell & Ness reproduced Jordan's '96 All-Star jersey for retail, it was found out that the jersey the Basketball Hall of Fame had in their possession and believed to be game-used, was in fact not.

Mitchell & Ness based their reproduction on the jersey supplied by the Hall of Fame. It didn't take long for jersey collectors to notice that Mitchell & Ness had put the "2" on the back of the jersey upside down--which prompted their explanation & photos of the GU jersey in the HOF. Mitchell & Ness | The Mystery of the 1996 NBA All Star Jersey

Watch the highlights of the game, or the entire game. Michael never wears a jersey with an upside down "2" on the back.
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