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Originally Posted by GoTribe!!! View Post
You're right they are uncomparable. Klein was kicked off the team until it was ruled was a misdemeanor (disorderly conduct). He was then reinstated. Clark is playing while being investigated for a felony ( which he plead guilty to today).

I think kid's deserve a 2nd chance depending on the circumstances..I heard Storm's GF took a pretty bad beating then drug down a flight of stairs by her hair (students who witnessed) not stating these are facts or anything but id imagine the witness's are credible,i mean who makes that stuff up?I think Brady Hoke also lives by that same standard,If Clark would have beat a student up then stole the laptop than he would be long gone,Last year Stonum got his 2nd DWI (charge was lowered both times) and Hoke kicked him off the team.Stonum was arguably Michigans No.1 WR at the time and for sure the best KR on the team while providing plenty of experience.If Clark even skips a class he will find himself in deep water!We will see being that he is only a Sophomore.If you want shoot me a PM so we don't litter this kid's post lol
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