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Showcase #4
More fun COmics #73
Action Comics 242
FF 48
FF 52
Tales of suspense 49

If you want to dig deep and invest for years to your money

EC Comics ( not the reprints )

Weird Science
Weird Fantasy
Weird Science and Weird Fantasy
Weird Science-Fantasy
Incredible Science Fiction

I would recommend the old EC Horror as well.

The growth rate on the old EC stuff is VERY surprising. I have seen double return on several purchases made earlier in the year from 10-18.00 purchases going out at 30-40.00 in sales.
People see those Wood and Feldstein covers and flip for them.
You will, oddly enough, see a faster investment return on the EC stuff than most stuff that isn't going to be in a movie over the next 3 years.

I think buying a Ironman 55 is a waste of money right now though.
Spend less money and grab Dark Avengers #1, get a few copies of it. The Iron patriot look will make people smile and spend,driving it's value up

Good luck pack !
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