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i might be the only one on this thread to never go to frank & sons as i've only recently gotten back into collecting, but i live in pasadena too, so for "local" you really have to expand the radius a bit. i had heard bad things from a friend about Burbank Sportscards too, but they've always been real nice to me, and you can't beat their selection of supplies. they carry some stuff i haven't found in any other SoCal shop. their packs are a bit on high $ side, and the singles are limited mostly to kiosk sales, so if you like to browse, it's definitely not for you.

there's also Games & Cards in Eagle Rock, with a 50/50 split with sports cards and gaming cards, but the guy who runs the place is extremely nice, and took his time pulling a bunch of singles for me from their eBay listings. great experience, good selection of singles, packs and boxes. i like giving them my business.

santa monica sports cards i went to for the first time in years last week, and the place was a bit of a mess. $10+ relic singles in penny sleeves and piles on the counters, limited selection of supplies, and ton of over produced 90's product just strewn about. HUGE selection of singles, and great for browsing as their store is really big.

but if you can make the trip, south bay sports cards off the 101 in lomita is where it's at. i get down there on occasion since i have friends there, but don't get to go often. the owner is a friend of a friend, so when i made my first visit a couple months ago, i introduced myself and we chatted for a bit, and they're really nice guys. HUGE storefront, tons of everything you're looking for, modern & vintage. my first time there was so overwhelming, i only picked up a couple of singles, but they still cut me a break on their list prices, without even telling me. had to check the receipt after i left the store to see the 10% discount. they put box breaks and other stuff on youtube, and seem to be really customer friendly. not shilling for them, just had a really good experience there. it's far from the SGV, but if you're in the south bay, i'd check it out.

lastly, there's also Sports Source in Burbank, but i didn't like my experience there so much. i picked up a 2012 yu darvish archives auto there, and they acted like they were doing me a favor by coming down off a unbelieveably unreasonable list price. they're the ones who has the tier one pujols bat knob on eBay for 5K, don't know if it's still there.

there's also another one in Burbank near the airport, but i can't remember the name right now. only found out about them from a listing they had on eBay, but i haven't been over to visit their store yet.
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