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Originally Posted by murphy1313 View Post
Please drop me out of this break..... Too far away for me to commit the $$$.... I apologize and wish you all good luck..... Thanks
I'll drop you.

I don't understand this thinking, and not just from this individual, but from everyone who has dropped out thus far. Payment due date is just under a month away. This allows time to scrape together the funds.

Here's the deal. We now have open slots. I need to find a couple more takers or else I'll have to drop from three cases down to two. I'm also going to start leaving appropriate feedback for people dropping out now. It puts the rest of the members in limbo and it sucks because when the thread is moved to active from the testing waters section, you lose the traffic from people looking to join.

If anyone wants an additional slot or two or knows anyone who does, let me know. I'll update the OP with drop outs, payments and available slots when I get home from work tonight.
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