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Default old ebayer, new problem... please help!

Hello all!

Not sure if this is the right forum to get help... but here goes...

I've been on ebay for 10 years. I don't buy/sell as rampantly as some of the power sellers on these forums do, but I use ebay pretty consistently. In 10 years I've managed to have only a handful of issues and all were usually caused by minor miscommunication and easily rectified. I've never had a negative or even neutral feedback. Proud to say... I'm a good ebayer.

So, I sell a card. WWE Ultimate Rivals CM Punk auto. $10 start bid, $25 BIN. Not looking to make a fortune, just make a little money to buy more cards...

20 minutes after I list the item... boom, it sells. I send invoice, pack the card, and wait for payment. And wait. And wait. I state in my boilerplate disclaimer that payment is due within 3 days, Paypal only, etc, etc... and I've never had issue. Sometimes people email and ask for an extra day or two to pay and I'm cool as long as communication is kept.

So I email him after 4 days with a friendly payment reminder. Nothing. No response, no payment. I email a slightly more stern email after 8 days. Still zero communication from the guy. He has 99.2% feedback which was disappointing but not the end of the world - his only negative feedback was as a seller.

What to do? Once in the past a buyer won an auction then emailed and said he couldn't pay for the item so, sorry, but he's not paying for it. I was pissed, but I can't leave neg feedback and I knew the relisted item would sell quickly (and it did) so I just let it go.

I've never filed a claim... seems a long, silly proces. And I can't leave neg feedback (kind of don't want to for fear of receiving the same).

Just relist and forget it? File claim? Any help that can be offered is greatly appreciated.

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