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Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
Showcase #4
More fun COmics #73
Action Comics 242
FF 48
FF 52
Tales of suspense 49

If you want to dig deep and invest for years to your money

EC Comics ( not the reprints )

Weird Science
Weird Fantasy
Weird Science and Weird Fantasy
Weird Science-Fantasy
Incredible Science Fiction

I would recommend the old EC Horror as well.

The growth rate on the old EC stuff is VERY surprising. I have seen double return on several purchases made earlier in the year from 10-18.00 purchases going out at 30-40.00 in sales.
People see those Wood and Feldstein covers and flip for them.
You will, oddly enough, see a faster investment return on the EC stuff than most stuff that isn't going to be in a movie over the next 3 years.

I think buying a Ironman 55 is a waste of money right now though.
Spend less money and grab Dark Avengers #1, get a few copies of it. The Iron patriot look will make people smile and spend,driving it's value up

Good luck pack !
IM 55 could be a toss up. It is a double key though since it's also Drek's first appearance from Guardians of the Galaxy. They just announced Thanos as one of the villains for that movie also.

Dark Avengers #1 (NYCC & Midtown variants) were moving pretty well at first when Iron Patriot was announced to appear in Iron Man 3. The fire pretty much died for the moment though. Might pick up more once it gets closer to May.
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