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Does anyone know who sketched this card?

After I saw this sketch card posted recently to the Mars Attacks Facebook page, I got to thinking...

Maybe Topps should consider releasing an entire set made up to look like these! I know it sounds weird, but I'd get one!

They could call it Mars Attacks Recollected!

What fun!

I'd leave it on the coffee table as a conversation piece.

Everybody mistreated their Mars Attacks cards! They came out before kids collected everything. I remember an entire set of these we punched holes through and strung on the wall on a string!

If you think about it most people don't own a set of the 1962-edition cards. Also, there are a lot of people who remember having those cards but they don't now have their original set. The perfect vehicle for nostalgia-seekers, then, is NOT a pristine set of 2012 re-issues (though those are nice too). A complete Mars Attacks! set made to look like some were used in bicycle spokes, torn and repaired, written on, holes punched in would in fact be the perfect blast from the past and quite a conversation piece.

If Topps doesn't like the idea maybe I'll make my own set from the current re-release. Just imagine the spots and stains and doodles and missing corners, oh joy!

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