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Whenever I ship a single card (or couple of cards), I follow the method prescribed here: penny sleeve, top loader w/ tape, cardboard sandwich, #000 bubble mailer. I prefer to use cardboard over those "dummy cards" because, well, it just makes me feel better. I only send out a few cards every week, so I've been cutting my own pieces of cardboard. I don't want to do that anymore, so I looked into buying pre-cut 3" x 4" pieces of cardboard.

There is an eBay seller that sells packs of 100 for about $8 + $7 S&H. This seller would likely combine shipping, probably could even do like 3-4 packs (300-400 pieces) for the same shipping amount. But even at that price, I'm looking at adding about $0.20 to my shipping cost just for the cardboard.

Do you guys know of a better place to buy cardboard pieces, or for every large case break do I just need to spend a few hours cutting cardboard boxes?

EDIT: Alright, one possible option would be to order 12" x 12" sheets from Uline. Each sheet could be cut into 12 3"x4" pieces, so each sheet would service 6 shipments. Cost for 100 sheets (for 600 shipments) would be $30 + $16 S&H (wtf?), or $11 S&H if I have it shipped to my work (apparently UPS does not want to come to my house). Thus, my added cost for each shipment would now be in the $0.07-$0.08 range. My time estimate for cutting would be 1 minute per sheet. I am willing to spend 1.5 hours to cut enough cardboard for a year's worth of shipments (at my current rate).

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