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Default Previously banned scammer now back on boards. Playhard = new user "Sport"

Have figured out with a couple of leads, one of the new users here, "Sport", is previously banned user "Playhard", who scammed a bunch of people here months ago. He is using the same pictures he used before in his old photobucket, just under a new bucket, which is linked in his current sig.

EDIT: Here is the original thread from him being a scammer, first one in this section has already been bumped up:
Scammer Alert

Also his new photobucket/profile:

Most of that info matches his old profile, "playhard":

He took off his old photobucket link off of his first profile, but he has it on this thread, showing a picture of one of the cards, a Cam Newton Auto /99 that he now somehow has in the new photobucket also:

His old photobucket is private, so hard to look at the rest of the pictures, but there are striking similarites. Will wait to see if he decides to come clean or stay in a corner.

2nd EDIT: Here is more proof, he still has my Cam Newton Patch Auto /75 From Inception on there, which I have in hand and in my eBay store (I was one of the ones he traded with to build up feedback to scam later) The card itself can be viewed in my eBay store.
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