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Pumped for this bad boy... now I just need his red to grade a 9.5 and I have the full rainbow bgs 9.5 except for the super. Also congrats to the member that submitted the Crick gold, not only did you get the 9.5 but you also got a 10 auto which is a rare site for his.

7356211 Baseball 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospect Autographs Purple Refractors Kyle Crick 9.5 View

Snyder- when you get a chance could you give us a serial # on the Fulmer blue ref auto that got a 9 and which one got a 9.5? I checked the beckett online lookup but it doesnt give the serial #'s there either... EDIT- if you even have access to that knowledge right now, I have a feeling that will most likely have to wait until they arrive

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