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Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
After two weeks of private messages, you just say something now. Interesting...

A free loan to who, Blowout? Your comment isn't appreciated, and makes me wish I never sent you the free Rodgers RC /1000. Plus, you already stated your intent to not pay for your slot, no reason to do it again.

I guess I'm confused. Had the product launched on its original date, you still would have been tied up in both. Nothing changed but the release date. Also, see my response to sukibrady.

Frankly, I'm not impressed with the last minute folks backing out. You had two weeks of PM reminders to say something, but yet, you wait until now.
leaf wrestling has been changed 5-6 times now and is already 3 months late as a host why are you so offensive with people who cant see spending 150-200 today and then wait 3 months for a release... The economy isnt what it used to be! Thanks for being willing to host but as a host you now have 3 months to find backups
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