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Originally Posted by GrandTheftRondo View Post
Unbelievably I did a search and there was only one other thread on LCS's in LA, and the main reply was a card shop all the way near Torrance (a bit too far from where I am).

I'm looking for a LCS near the northern OC area, the Los Angeles area, or the Pasadena area. I've heard of Beverly Hills Baseball Cards, Santa Monica Sports Cards, and Frank & Sons. Are any of them good for basketball?
I used to go to Frank and Son's since I was a little kid to get boxes. I went 7 years later and there is only 2 rows of sports. Everything else is magic, yu-gi-oh and similar items. The singles are so over priced, A few have packs, I wouldn't buy any. One guy's packs look like they have been searched. Boxes are somewhat close to blowouts but considering gas I live 40 miles away Id stick to b.o!
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