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Originally Posted by ManInTheMirror View Post
Oh you totally got me- congrats on that win. How many points you score this week? I'm sitting pretty at 127.
How many points did I score? Enough to win. Does it matter? You and I have the same record now, 2-1.

As for your comments this week Eric lets get real buddy. You got lucky running into Jay Cutler on a bad day and the 49ers having a bad day and only won by 15 points over a winless team. Great job. You started the Colts defense who got you one point. And what did you leave on the bench? Besides Flacco and Locker not much but then again you don't have much to work with. Your Tight Ends are Dennis Pitta and Dwayne Allen, Running backs besides Ray Rice are Doug Martin and Pierre Thomas. The only reason you won this week is because you actually got some production from Mike Wallace and Eric Decker for a change but how long can that continue? Good job winning this week but you talk crap about my team which is

QB - Cam Newton, Matt Schuab
WR - Stevie Johnson, Kenny Britt, Torrey Smith
RB - Alfred Morris, Reggie Bush, Ahmad Bradshaw, Jackie Battle, Matt Forte
TE - Tony Gonzalez and Jason Witten

My team is clearly better then yours. This was my injury down week and I still won. And after my guys come back I expect this team will be solid. All I need to do is stay competitive enough to get Forte and Bradshaw back and its off to the races.

Besides if I had started Schuab instead of Cam and Tony G instead of Jason Witten this week I would have scored 33 more points then I did and had 127 like you. Neat huh?
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