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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
And what did you leave on the bench? Besides Flacco and Locker not much but then again you don't have much to work with.
Haha buddy I'm not too worried who's on my bench it's starters that matter and I outscored you over 30 points...

Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
The only reason you won this week is because you actually got some production from Mike Wallace and Eric Decker for a change but how long can that continue?
I guess you missed the monster days Griffin (25.34) and Rice had (23.50)? I mean it's an entire team effort and all points help. Don't get why you are throwing credit only towards two guys. I mean hell Pierre Thomas (my dead last draft pick) even scored me 8.6.

And you talking #@#@#@#@ that the Colts D scored me 1 point is laughable as the D you selected scored you 3. Not even sure why you even brought that one up.

Amazing during your entire run-down of my team you failed to mention my #2 pick.

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