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Scheduled Delivery: Monday, 09/24/2012, By End of Day

UPS says that they will be here today. That is really all I know. The earliest they have arrived on standard shipping is noon and the latest they have arrived is 8pm. Usually they are here between 2pm and 6pm est.

Once they arrive, I will go live within 30 minutes with a case or two. Then again after 10:30pm est tonight. I want to be able to get this all opened by tomorrow so that I can sort this week and ship this weekend.

Originally Posted by fduran27 View Post
Houdini - is break occuring today? if so do you have an estimated time? Since this is my first break with you (back into the hobby) just wanted to know where we can see it all etc.
Answered above.

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Add Five Star, yum.
Can't add that yet because it doesn't hit until November. Next time though!

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Awesome! I would be in.. Although I still don't have a clue in baseball outside of Harper and Trout.
Haha. This one is full of the great hits.

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Houdini - depending on cost, I'd be in! Keep us updated when you iron out the details!
$295 - 30 spots - 40 high end boxes of TTT, Tribute, Tier One, Sterling, and Museum. About $8k worth of high end boxes! 2012 - 2010 (with 3 boxes from 2009 - TROUT).
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