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Originally Posted by ManInTheMirror View Post
Oh I know Decker hasn't been performing but I was just taking a moment to say you were wrong on Wallace.

I do recall beating you Week 1 so I felt I had a little room to speak.

Oh and I didn't dismiss your whole critique- check the last comment on the previous page.
Meh you beat me by a total of 2 points that week. Big talk coming from the fact that your QB (RG3) more then doubled my teams QB (Cam Newton) production that week and I had more points from my skilled positions then you did and you won. Remember that was the week the Redskins went into New Orleans and put up 40 against the Saints. Saddly for me and for them that's not going to happen very often. I'm sure I will get my revenge on you later bud not to worry
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