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Default Ted Williams guess

Originally Posted by pat_blowoutcards View Post
Welcome to another Blowoutcards "Where will it End?!" Challenge!!

We will be giving away 20 boxes of 2006 UD Update Baseball Blaster Boxes!!

Here's how it works: (Please read the rules carefully below)

Check out this auction and guess what the ending price/bid will be!

(2007 Topps Sterling TED WILLIAMS Bat Barrel 1/1 RED SOX)
Pulled by one of our very own board members!

Post your guess in this thread for the ending price of the auction (You must be a registered user of this message board in order to post.)

- Once you post your guess, you won't be able to change it.

- Deadline to post your guess will be Sunday Jan 27, 2008 5:00 PM Eastern Time (we will use the time stamp of your post to determine eligibility).

- Please view previous posts so that you don't enter the same amount (if more than one user posts the same guess, then only the earlier post will be eligible to win)

- NEW RULE!! TWO guesses per person per challenge.

- Closest guess to the ending price will receive our giveaway item! Closest guess can be over or under the ending price (in the event of a tie, the earlier post will win)

- If the ebay auction is compromised in any way (ie. ended early), we will use our discretion to determine if it is possible to fairly declare a winner...if not, we will end the challenge without a winner.

- We reserve the right to end this promotion at any time.

- Have fun!
my guess....$2684 and $3014
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