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Originally Posted by tristan20 View Post
More like, Yay for design, quality, Jordan, Lebron, did I mention design? LOL

The Championship Bling look nice, but wait til the checklist comes out. When you mention Havlicek as one of the better players and show Bill Walton, you know the checklist cant be too loaded.

The auto booklet looks straight out of Topps Triple Threads as well as being sticker autos. And the Rookie Signatures look awfully familiar to other UD designs

Instead of coming out with a 2012 Exquisite they should work on getting my 3 Luc Mbah a Moute Exquisite Press Plate Auto 1/1's made that I redeemed back in September 2009.

Dont get me started with UD Black. That Quad Exquisite Auto looks like it belongs in Black, not Exquisite. I really dont see the purpose even of having UD Black. Wait I know, to water down the product with more Freddie Lewis, Lonnie Shelton, Bill Laimbeer, andSam Cassell.

With all that said I will still be picking up whatever Tobias Harris stuff is in either product

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