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Originally Posted by UltimateDeron View Post
Not sure I like the 1 MJ Auto per case idea. Instead of "Ohhh... JORDAN!" It's going to be like "Oh, here's my Jordan".
yeah...thats the same way it was in UD the 6 box master cases which weren't supposed to be sold but were at some online retailers each one contained a jordan...wasn't publicly stated but im 99.9% positive as i busted a ton of that product and saw masters opened, all of them had a jordan and it makes sense as there were so many jordans...i bet the math could be done to prove that it was 1 per 6 box master...almost every 3 box i did had one. and NO master had 2 jordans...
but im sure they didn't state it was in every case because they didn't mean for it to be sold by the 6 box case, they ment for it to be sold by the 3 box inner case... either way it saturated the market for jordans although i did gain 6 in the process...
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