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Originally Posted by UltimateDeron View Post
Not sure I like the 1 MJ Auto per case idea. Instead of "Ohhh... JORDAN!" It's going to be like "Oh, here's my Jordan".
I don't understand this logic at all, and I like to gamble!

For $600 or less you can get any number of limited, on-card, NBA Bulls uniform, Jordan autos at eBay or LHS or in trade.

Assuming this product is $500/box and $1500 per 3-box case, why would anyone spend 150% more to get an MJ?

Can you explain to me so that I can understand? Buyers will be disappointed to know they're getting an MJ? I simply don't get it.

I mean, you can always go online and buy like 4-5 boxes of UD Black and hope to get an MJ Bulls auto for the same price if that's what you really want, the 'thrill' of not knowing. I got 1 in my 2 cases or 20 boxes of 08-09.
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