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Originally Posted by Ljcraig0804 View Post
This is tempting... after you go through the whole list what happens? Or are there only enough spots for each hit? What of base/parallel?
Per OP:

60 total slots / hits to be drafted (48 total hits in auto’s/relics & 12 total base card slots)

Base card slots will be broken down by the box. Box 1 base cards will be base slot #1, box 2 base cards will be base slot #2, box 3 base cards will be base slot #3, etc…

All base parallels including 1/1 parallel cards and printing plate 1/1’s will be considered as part of the base slot box that they come out of. A “hit” card is considered as a card with an autograph or memorabilia attached to it; otherwise, all other cards will be considered as a part of their base slot box.
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