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Default Blowoutcards & 2009/10 Exquisite Bskt this week

Since the surprise announcement of the release of 09/10 UD Exqusite Basketball last week, we have received hundreds of emails and phone calls regarding price quotes and more information. This highly anticipated release contains some extraordinary autograph and memorabilia cards including cards signed by Lebron James ,Michael Jordan ,Tiger Woods and many others. Last week the overwhelming demand and limited supply for this product caused secondary market prices to reach presell levels to $2200+. We have included a comparison on production for both the 09/10 exquisite and 08/09 releases.This information was obtained directly from Upper Deck's sell sheets. Although it is not stated exactly how many total Exquisite cards are produced on both issues, the math on the regular cards and rookies can be calculated.(see below)

Blowoutcards will be monitoring this product and will post ANY and ALL product information we receive on 09/10 Exquisite Basketball on our Forums. We have also set up a 2009/10 Blowoutcards Auction Tracker (B.A.T.). The first in the Hobby where you can track all the 2009/10 Exquisite Basketball High End Pulls!
2009/10 Ud Exquisite Basketball

Collectors can compare this information with out 2008/09 UD Exquisite Basketball Tracker which has over 500 Posts and 5000+ views !
2008/09 Ud Exquisite Basketball !!

We have worked diligently to keep up with the pricing and demand and have additional cases available for sale on the website.

We are hopeful our video box break yields at least one amazing hit and we are planning on giving away the 5 cards to 5 random forum members who register by 10/1/09 at 12:01am est.
2009/10 Blowoutcards Exquisite Basketball Giveaway !!

Thanks for all your support and be sure to check out the B.A.T. for some AMAZING Pulls. It should be a FUN WEEK !

2008/09 UD Exquisite Basketball

- 1 Autographed Rookie Patch, 1 Autographed Card, 1 Memorabilia or Autographed Card, 1 Base Set Card and 1 additional Autographed, Memorabilia, Parallel, or Base Card!

Regular Cards and Rookies
- 60 Regular Cards (#'d to 125)=7500
- 35 Rookie Auto/Patch Cards (#'d to 225 or less)= maximum of 7875
- 6 Rookie Auto cards (#'d to 99)=594


Autographed and Memorabilia Cards
- Enshrinements Autographs (#'d to 25)
- Flawless Autographs (#'d to 50 or less)
- Inscriptions and Dual Inscriptions autographs (Varied #)
- Limited Logos auto/patch (#'d to 25)
- Limited Throwback Logos auto/patch (#'d to 25)
- Nameplates auto/patch (#'d to 25)
- Emblems of Endorsement auto/patch (#'d to 10)
- Exquisite Dual and Triple auto/jersey (#'d to 5 or less)
- Exquisite Big auto/jersey (#'d to 10)
- Exquisite Trio and Foursome patch (#'d to 10 or less)
- NBA All-Access Triple Logo (#'d to 1)
- Career Portfolio Auto (#'d to 1)
- Exquisite Auto Plate (#'d to 1)

2009/10 UD Exquisite Basketball

Configuration: 3 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 5 cards per pack.

Regular Cards and Rookies
- 42 Regular Cards (#'d to 199)=8358
- 37 Exquisite Rookie Cards (#'d to 225)=8325
- 18 Exquisite Rookie Auto Patch Flashback Cards (#'d to 25)=450


Autograph and Memorabilia Cards
- Exquisite Patch Auto (# to 50)
- Limited Logos Auto (Varied #)
- Noble Nameplates Auto (Varied #)
- NBA All Access Triple Logoman Patch (# to 1)
- NBA All Access Dual Logoman Auto Patch (# to 1)
- Extra Exquisite Jersey Parallel (# to 50)
- Extra Exquisite Dual Jersey (# to 25)
- Extra Exquisite Patch Parallel (# to 15)
- Regular Cards Jersey Parallel (# to 25)
- Regular Cards Patch Parallel (# to 10)
- Regular Cards Auto Patch Parallel (# to 1)
- Regular Cards Black Parallel (# to 1)
- Exquisite Rookie Gold Parallel (Varied #)
- Exquisite Rookie Auto Gold Parallel (Varied #)
- Exquisite Numbers Pieces Auto (Varied #)
- Exquisite Dual Numbers Pieces Auto (Varied #)
- Exquisite Dual Auto Patches (Varied #)
- Exquisite Eight Jersey (# to 10)
- Exquisite Eight Patch Parallel (# to 3)

- Exquisite Buybacks
- Exquisite Autographed Buybacks
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