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Miranda posted this on another forum. Perhaps the in-house fighting here drove her away. Quite honestly I wouldn't blame her, as I'm about to leave these boards myself. Anyways here's her post:

Hey guys, We haven't set a date for this yet. We had some issues in the beginning when we would set dates based on our production schedules, have inevitable delays, and then have to disappoint fans when things got pushed back. To avoid making people sad, we decided to move to a season/month/date procedure. We'll announce our intended season when we announce a project. Once we get most movable pieces nailed down we'll announce a month, and once our pack-out is scheduled, we'll determine our shipping strategy and announce an official release date. I know that not having all the information can be frustrating, but we've had a lot less angry customer service emails since we started this, and it essentially means that each time we have something to say to consumers about release dates it gets to be positive. We are constantly working to provide more concrete information sooner, and that will definitely be on my agenda of things we can improve for future releases. We are all really excited about this set, and we love getting to share information. We'll let everyone know as soon as it is (mostly) safe!
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