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Originally Posted by THE_BEAST View Post
Hate to break it to you guys, but the 1 free Bench Warmer Event Promo Card is the 7th card. The 2012 vault has 7 cards in the pack, where as the 2011 and 2010 series have 6. They added 1 more card to this set and called it free. Their wording is deceptive. If you do the break the way you have it set up right now, 20 slots out of the 160 will be getting the FREE PROMO CARD. If you were to take the 20 promo cards out to random them off for free, you would only have 140 slots for this break and the slot price would go up to something like $7 ea.

2012 - 2012 Benchwarmer Vault
2011 - benchwarmer::card_detail
2010 - benchwarmer::card_detail
If thats the case, I'd still say keep it as is to keep the price low...its random anyway, so you take your chances that you get a promo card instead of an auto
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