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Originally Posted by HoustonCPA View Post
There are 39 total pieces in the set. I used to have them all, but I have sold off most of them. The states that are combined are as follows:

1) Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
2) Pennsylvania and New Jersey
3) West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland
4) Tennessee and Kentucky
5) North Carolina and South Carolina

The other 34 states are stand alones.
Okay thanks for the reply. The only combined ones I need yet are the Carolinas and Virginias/Delaware.

Another question- are there any states I should expect to pay a premium for- I already have New England, Florida (which I got for very cheap actually), and New York which I knew to expect to pay more. Missouri seemed very high. Should I expect to pay more for California, Texas, Alaska, etc than other states?
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