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I'm honestly not upset about the release date at all. I just also wanted to bust a case this go around which is what I was really looking forward to. I honestly don't care about what other people have arranged because I'm not in the business to by envy of everyone else's connections. So with that in mind if we don't get the release until November... heck even December I won't be that mad. I already have that money set aside I was just hoping I'd actually get what I pre-ordered.

I'm sure a lot of it can just be because I'm fairly new to collecting cards but I've collected a lot of other stuff too with figures and things and this seems to be a completely strange monster. Regardless I think the collectors cause the price increases and the distributors just feed off of that so if anyone wants to be mad they should point a little bit of that back at themselves. Which I'll admit I've helped drive the hype train for it too so I'm not innocent either.
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