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Originally Posted by oshmeehan View Post
Probably cause they ran out of ideas for Exquisite since they arent any memorabilia cards. No RPA's, no Scripted Swatches, no Limited Logos. I know, lets water it down with some more coach autograph cards and autos of players that were drafted in 2011 and never even played in the NBA

Could not agree with you more...exquisite isn't looking so exquisite........and why don't they release UD black?!?! Such an awesome product! I'd buy UD black over "bling and booklets" HAHA what a joke. I am surprised they messed up.......I don't think they took their time. With retro you could tell they were thinking of us before designing and printing. This just looks like they're marketing these for UD addicts and gamblers. Seriously.....This is crap
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