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Originally Posted by nhsportsguy View Post
Hell yeah! Let's go guys - this break is going to be pretty damn awesome!!
I"m interested in a few teams. I'm new to group breaks and every rule seems to be different. I am correct in my understanding how this one works:

EACH case will have its own randomization and then there will be a 30 pick "draft" with each person in order picked picks the team they want.

For example say I want 3 spots in case 3, 2 spots in case 4, and 1 spot in case 5.

After the randomization I could get pick 7,13, and 22 where I have 7th, 13th, and 22nd pick at the team I want.

Case 4 I could get pick 2 and 7.

Case 5 I could get pick 26.

Am I on the right track with my thinking? Thanks for time and explanation. I plan on signing up just wanted to clarify.
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