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Originally Posted by marino5084 View Post
Chibs said it.
The line in the movie was "Who said that ? All I see is teeth"....


In other news

ďI started thinking about it in terms of that arc between Jax and Opie towards the end of Season Three,Ē he said. ďAnd then I think it all sort of came together with the death of Piney [Opie's father] last year and I got to the end of that season and realized that there is this circular dynamic that was happening with Jax and Opie that I felt was very difficult to get out of in terms of where their arc was going.

ďAs we came in to this season ó this is really the first season that Iíve had to think about the end game ó and knowing where I wanted to take my hero [Jax] and knowing how I want him to get there, the road that I want him to travel, I just felt Jax needed that emotional upheaval, that one event that happens in a manís life that can change the course of his destiny, and I think the death of his best friend was that event.Ē
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