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Originally Posted by nhsportsguy View Post
WOW! I looked into this and realized that you are correct! I called PSA at 2:05pm EST and spoke with Sonya who informed me, in fact, PSA only offers half grades between 2 and 9.

Thank you for bringing this error to my attention, and I will remove those 2 slots from each case! Unfortunately, this will slightly increase the per slot cost.

If anyone has any questions, please PM me!

FYI - new slot cost is .55 higher to $9.25

Originally Posted by Reljac View Post
I definitely want the three slots I requested at the increased price knowing that the dead slots are out!
Marked you down!

OK Guys, only 7 slots left (2,3,2) - who wants em?!
PM me for a special discount and free shipping code for BO members!
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