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Default Star Wars Galactic Files 1 Case

I finished busting my case. It was a good break. I only got one bad sketch and my case saved the best auto for last. Here are my hits in the order I pulled them.

117 Blue Foils
12 Red Foils

C-3PO(Middle of a Triple Panel) by Ted Dastick Jr. & Michonne Bourriague Auto
Weequay by Mikey Babinski & Bonnie Piesse Auto
Darth Vader by Lee Bradley & General Veers Patch PR-10

Cade Skywalker by Irma Ahmed & Lando Patch PR-27
Kit Fisto by Steve Oatney & Arvel Crynyd Patch PR-15
Jango Fett by Jenn DePaola (has silver metalic ink) & Peter Mayhew Auto

Captain Tarpals by Amy Pronovost & Felix Silla Auto
Admiral Thrawn by Van Davis & Ten Numb Patch PR-29
Anakin by Russ Maheras & Scout Trooper Patch PR-30

Boba Fett by Gabe Farber & Grand Moff Tarkin Patch PR-23
Cad Bane by Lord Mesa & Daniel Logan Auto
Darth Talon by Steven Miller & Carrie Fisher Auto
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