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Originally Posted by Imac7065 View Post
If someone is asking for 3 or 4 times ebay.. I will say something about it.. if they are slightly above eBay.. that's up to the buyer. I have seen $150 cards listed for $500 before, and people actually inquired.. I can't sit back and watch someone get ripped off like that. You can attack me all you want for it.. but I would hope someone would do me that favor as well
I'd just like to bring this one up, not picking on you Imac, but your offer was 170 Less than a current auction. Now I havent done research on this jordan or the auction and I know you are looking to probably resell anyway but it has to fall in the category of what the OP is talking about. I'm even sure I overprice cards when I sell on here, which isn't much anymore, but I'm trying to just open the door and break the Ice.

but yeah there are a ton of overpriced cards listed here and plenty of trolls to jump on sellers

How many of us jump on ebay spam listings too for having high prices, same deal and even on COMC when a card on ebay sells for $3, there are 70000 of them on COMC ranging from $1-$300!

to go w/transaction not completed, I see tons of "I have xxxxx paypal, show me what you got" and NOTHING ever is purchased - we all just waste time scanning, taking pictures, posting and then subscribed to a Richard Heads gallery of our cards., this has to fall under the same rainbow right?
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