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This subject should be broached as there seems to be no etiquette shown when it comes to this. I've seen several instances of late that were not only rude but didn't make any sense. For example let's say a Demarco Murray Chrome auto is listed for $150. To post in the sellers thread a "Did you buy this on eBay for $120 and expect to make $30?" It could have been poorly listed on eBay - it's not listed on eBay anymore because the seller bought it - so now it can be yours for $150. Is the person buying this card for $150 getting ripped off? Absolutely not. An auction feels more like wholesale to me than retail. Wholesale is an important part of value but there is nothing wrong with retail. The PM feature should be used by the peanut gallery if they feel compelled to share this not so important information with the seller. This has not happened to me but I've seen it plenty and applaud the OP for creating the thread. To post something other than GLWS or something that contributes postively should be frowned upon. I've seen the - hair trigger pouncing of the Blowout pack - on several key faux pas (pack searching for example). If this behaviour was added to the list we would see a whole lot less of it. Profit is not a dirty word.
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