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Originally Posted by wesnilevirus View Post
I bought 20 cases of this and busted them all...too bad I sold all my trouts so early for, in retrospect, pennies on the dollar

Don't regret it though, it was a blast ripping them, and I haven't sold any of the autos or prospect lots yet...that being said, I probably could have made 6 grand easy if I didn't break them!!!!
I "knew" that it was going to be one of the best sets in forever, I was absolutely "sure" of it. I bought 5 cases and you need to understand one year ago I wasn't really that into the card game either, but I dropped 3350 or whatever on 5 cases and sat on them for months, hid them in a closet and would think about how I didn't ever want to bust them. Finally after they kept DROPPING in price I just decided that apparently I had no idea what I was doing and in february I went to a card show and was able to sell the boxes until i got my money back, which was $3300 that I had invested so that's a lot of money and it was hurting my ability to buy any singles because I thought I'd have flipped it for a $1000 profit easy by then.

Well....I was right. It's a great set and I could have made several hundred a case, but the fact it took a lot of the no-name guys getting more hype in-season and guys like bauer going off to really jump the price makes me wonder if I'll ever want to wait 9 months to profit 30-40 percent on something like that again...IF it all works out. Obviously I'm not scoffing at the profit percentage.
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