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Originally Posted by thescout View Post
people really think highly of billy hamilton? I mean he isn't worthless, but he has zero ceiling and like callis stated, hardly any of the guys to steal that many bases in milb ever did anything in the majors, preseason campos was going to be the best guy price-wise (just because he's a yankee) and I bet people go crazy for soler thinking he will immediately be sweet just like cespedes, this is a darn good list for BC, it's got nothing on 2011 draft, nor will any list for 10 years probably, did someone say they have a 26+ percent of getting a junk auto in that set? really, who are they? the worst part of this list is all of the latino guys that we literally know nothing about, not really, they all probably have high ceilings, but many of them could be the next profar or the next angel villalona

at some point from the release and now, a huge portion of the low end autos could have been sold for $10, whether at or now that they've become more hyped, if you count michael fulmer, kyle crick, snell, stephenson, etc in that low end list then yeah I guess...
He has no ceiling? Keith Law and BA have him as the 27th best prospect in baseball.
So I really dont know what you are talking about, and Id like to see where Callis said hes gonna be useless because he steals.
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