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Originally Posted by IamRalpho View Post
Regardless of Jaypers, list its a solid list. He wont even break it down for you and thats his prerogative, but you guys should form your own opinions not base it off of him especially without back up.

The main guys: Hamilton, Skaggs, Castellanos....some would put Soler and Marisnick in here. Maybe even Austin or Singleton but I would say the top 3 is set

Tier 1: Skaggs, Hamilton, Castellanos
Tier 2: Soler, Austin, Singelton, Marsincik, maybe Paxton, I would put Buckel here since I am a fan boy
Tier 3: Buckel, Santana, Campos, Guzman, Mazarra, May, Head, Villanueva, Cigrani, ODor

I mean Tier 3 is loaded cuz you got guys like Garcia and Ozuna too.

That's the beauty of this. Most of us can understand the tier concept. The challenge is to find guys other than tier one who will pay later like tier one! Also, avoid everyone's tier one who you think will bomb. I love prospecting... Nice list by the way...
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