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Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
The line in the movie was "Who said that ? All I see is teeth"....


In other news

I started thinking about it in terms of that arc between Jax and Opie towards the end of Season Three, he said. And then I think it all sort of came together with the death of Piney [Opie's father] last year and I got to the end of that season and realized that there is this circular dynamic that was happening with Jax and Opie that I felt was very difficult to get out of in terms of where their arc was going.

As we came in to this season this is really the first season that Ive had to think about the end game and knowing where I wanted to take my hero [Jax] and knowing how I want him to get there, the road that I want him to travel, I just felt Jax needed that emotional upheaval, that one event that happens in a mans life that can change the course of his destiny, and I think the death of his best friend was that event.
I'm assuming this is Sutter's comment. If so, that is interesting to see that he is writing shows to fit the series' end rather than writing shows and then trying to create a sloppy series end.

Sutter also wrote, directed and produced the Shield. I consider the series finale of The Shield to be the best series finale of all time (including MASH). I can't wait to see the series finale for SOA but I'm loving the current shows as we move along.

If you never watched the Shield, I can't recommend it enough. The Shield was every bit as good as Sons of Anarchy.
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